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14 footer "Airmotor" 1905 
The 14 footer is one of Australia's oldest classes dating back to the end of the 19th century. The earliest 14's were open boats with a massive working sail area of around 400 sq feet and crews of 7 or 8.
By the 1940's 14's were sailing with about 200 sq feet of working sail and crews of 4.

The Victorian boat Triad (pictured right) won 7 national titles between 1932 and 1948. Half of it is currently on display at Royal Melbourne YS and the other half at Blairgowrie YS.
By the early 1950's crew numbers had reduced to 3, most boats were semi-decked and the class became known as the 14 foot dinghy.
In 1958 a new boat called Darkie (picture gallery below left) revolutionised the design of 14 footers. In the early 1960's a trapeze was added and the crew was reduced to 2. A few years later a second trapeze was added.
In the late 1990's, after decades of negotiations, the Australian and New Zealand 14's merged with the International 14's and became the International 14 ft Skiff.

The class is stronger than ever and has large fleets racing in Australia and internationally.
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    7 time Australian champion 1932-1948
"Triad" running with
ballooner spinnaker.
     "Daring" 1956/57
 Australian Champion
 "Trogen" Bob Keeley
         St. Kilda1945
Seacraft March 1953
St. Kilda 14 ft Sailing Club.
  1. "Darkie" three time Austalian       Champion 1957-1960.
   "Scamp" 1946/47
Australian Champion 
 "Scamp 2" 1952/53
Australian Champion
"Vie" 1957
Australian Championship Fleet 1960/61
"Ripple" 1961/62 1962/63
   Australian Champion
"Teal" 1963/64 1964/65
 Australian Champion 
   "Leanne" 1965/66
Australian Champion
"Ballerina" 1968/69 1970/71
      Australian Champion
   "Valiant" 6 time
Australian Champion