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6 foot Skiffs. The Balmain Bug is the only existing 6 foot skiff still sailing. It will be sailing in tne Balmain Regatta:
10 foot Historic Skiffs.   Although these mighty little skiffs don't sail in Victoria there is a great deal of interest in them here. Learn more about them on their website:
12 foot Skiffs. A few 12 footers have sailed in Victoria in the past but never as a class, however we would always welcome any classic 12 foot skiffs to come and join us at our events.
The class website is:
18 foot Skiffs. As well as the latest flying machines the 18s have a classic division of replicas of famous boats from the 1930's.
To find out more about 18 footers go to their website and watch them racing on the live stream:
Couta Boats. A large fleet of Couta Boats races regularly at Sorrento with smaller fleets spread throughout Victoria and interstate.
To find out more about them go to their website:
Jubilees. The venerable Jubilee is 80 years old and still has a stong following. In Victoria there are fleets sailing at Ballarat, Royal Brighton YC and Sorrento. 
The class website is:
Earwigoagin  This fantastic website has loads of information on Australian and international classic dinghies. Scroll down the menu on the right for hours of entertainment and enlightenment:
Bosham Classic Boat Revival. Find out what's happening in the UK regarding classic dinghies (quite a lot) :
Wooden Boat Association of Victoria:
Wooden Boat Association of South Australia:
Wooden Boat Association of Queensland:
Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania:
Wooden Boat Association of NSW: