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As the designer of such popular boats as the Heron, Mirror, GP14 and International Cadet, Jack Holt needs little introduction. Below is a 1966 Seacraft article about Jack Holt and a table of some of the classes that he designed.

Click on the link for the Wikipedia page on Jack Holt.

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The Heron has been part of the Australian sailing scene for around 60 years. Click on the link for the Australian Heron website. It contains useful information on how to determine the age of an early Heron. We have a few wooden Herons sailing in our fleet and would welcome more.
St. Leonards YC has a large fleet of Herons and they are a regular sight at the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival. Click on the link for the St, Leonards YC website. 


Click on the link for the international Mirror Class website. Australia has won the Mirror Worlds three times.  Wooden Mirrors have sailed at every Inverlock CWD Regatta and we would always welcome more to join us.
Click on the link for the Australian Mirror Class website, which has a link to the Mirror Class Association of Victoria. 
Click on this link for an article from AFLOAT magazine April 2016 about a Mirror and a Sharpie sailing around Port Phillip Bay. 


Click on the link for the Mirror Miracle UK website. The Miracle pictured is sailing in the Inverloch CWD Regatta.


Click on the link for the GP14
international website.
We would like to have more wooden GP14s sailing in the Inverlock CWD Regatta.


Click on the link for the UK Solo website. 
We have some excellent examples of wooden Solo's in our fleet and hope to have more join us at our events. 


The Lazy E, now the National E, has been a common sight at Victorian clubs and all over Austalia for more than 50 years. We would welcome any classic wooden Lazy Es to join us at Inverloch for the Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta.
Click on the link for the Australian website. The class is still very active throughout Australia.
Click on the link for the history and description of the Lazy E.


The Hornet was sailed at various Victorian clubs in te 1960's and 1970's with the largest fleet at Altona YC.
Early Hornets used a swing plank (sliding seat) for leverage but this was later replaced with a trapeze.
WA was the main centre of Hornet sailing in Australia.
Click on the link for the Wikipedia page giving the history and description of the Hornet.
Click on the link for the UK website of the Hornet.
An early Hornet showing sliding seat.


Click on the link for Australian website. There are a number of wooden International Cadets still sailing at Victorian clubs.
Click on the link for the International Cadet international website.