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The Sabot was introduced into Australia in the 1940's and was the first boat to be built in plywood in the Commonwealth. It was adopted by Black Rock YC in 1947 and soon spread to most clubs throughuot Victoria and Australia.

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The first Sabots in Victoria
      Black Rock YC 1947. 


 P-Class in Sydney in 1968
The P-Class or P-Type as it was known in Victoria was designed in New Zealand in 1924 and over 3,000 have been built. It was sailed at a number of clubs around Australia in the 1960's and 1970's. There was a large fleet at Beaumaris from 1959. Although rarely seen in Australia these days it is still a huge class in New Zealand.  
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  P-Class at Chelsea YC
         in the 1960's 


The distinctive blue sail of the Minnow is a common sight at clubs all around Victoria. Click on the link for a desription of the Minnow.
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