"Jezebel" Whitehall design  gaff rigged clinker hull.

Our fleet of classic dinghies has been enriched by the addition of traditionally crafted sailing dinghies with either clinker or carvel hulls and wooden spars. The oldest of these boats were built in the 1800's and early 1900's while others were built quite recently.   They are great crowd pleasers and are nearly always voted favourite boat of the ICWD Regatta by the public.

At the 2015 ICWD Regatta a boat of historical significance was added to our fleet. It was built out of Huon pine in Tasmania 150 years ago for use as a taxi and was rowed by convicts between Bellerive and Hobart. The boat was discovered in very bad condition by Stuart Longley but with the assistance of Leo Lubranski, David Brewster and Keith Cousens it was meticulously restored. Named "Lurrawarra" it was relaunched in 2015 and is now the start boat for the ICWD Regatta.  
(photo below)

"Trim" 1913 double-ended lifeboat.
All the Iain Oughtred boats featured are recently built . For more on Iain and his designs click on the link:
"Trim" 1913 double-ended steamship lifeboat
with clinker hull and gaff rig.
"Ghillie Callum" Iain Oughtred Shearwater design with clinker hull & gunter rig
"Alice" Iain Oughtred Auk design with glued clinker plywood hull & single lug sail.
"Mooltan" Iain Oughtred Fulmar design
lug rigged yawl with clinker hull.
"Billy Budd"  Chesapeake Crabbing Skiff.  Hard chined planked hull with half cabin and unstayed cat rig built in 1991.
"Minnie" circa 1890 clinker hull with single lug sail   & "Trim".
Iain Oughtred MacGregor canoe with clinker hull & single lug sail.
"Gussie" 1933 Arch Logan Silver Fern design with carvel hull & marconi rig
"Mooltan" Iain Oughtred Fulmar design - lug rigged yawl with clinker hull built in 2013
12sq. Metre (Heavyweight) Sharpies. Planked carvel hulls with gaff rig.
"Little Bill" 16ft Skiff built in 1938. Planked carvel hull wth gaff rig.
"Trim" & "Lurrawarra"
Find out more about traditionally built boats by going to the Wooden Boat Association website:
and come ad join us at the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta next Australia Day Long Weekend.